AT&T launches Samsung Focus 2 for $50

Sales of the low-priced Windows Phone begin May 20

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AT&T on Monday announced another low-priced Windows Phone, the $49.99 Samsung Focus 2, which will run on 4G LTE and will go on sale May 20.

AT&T will sell the $49.99 Samsung Focus 2 for $49.99.

AT&T began selling the 4.3-in. Nokia Lumia 900 on April 8, initially rebating the entire $99.99 price in a clear bid to win market share for the manufacturer and the operating system, Windows Phone 7.5. Both the Lumia 900 and Focus 2 require two-year contracts.

The Focus 2 has a 4-in. Super Amoled touchscreen, with a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and a front-facing VGA camera for video chat. Samsung also makes the Focus, FocusFlash and Focus S smartphones, but the Focus 2 is Samsung's first device on 4G LTE.

AT&T sells the $199.99 HTC Titan II smartphone with a 4.7-in. screen in addition to the Nokia 900 and now the Samsung Focus 2 -- all on 4G LTE.

AT&T offers more Windows Phones than any other carrier, and is interested in offering an alternative to the popular iPhone and Android phones, partly to gain a stronger negotiating position when striking deals with Apple and other manufacturers, analysts said.

Windows Phone commands only about 2% of the global smartphone market, and analysts said it is too early to judge the success of recent Windows Phone models.

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