4G LTE networks hit battery life on some smartphones, Metrico finds

Four different LTE phones get less than five hours of battery life for browsing, streaming

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For streaming video and browsing, respectively, AT&T's LTE Skyrocket got 212 and 179 minutes of estimated battery life; the Note got 252 and 286 minute, respectively; Verizon's Bionic got 161 and 185 minutes, respectively; and the Maxx got 294 and 293 minutes. (SEE CHART.....might want to delete this graf if the chart really runs, the one labeled "estimated battery life by app)

Metrico's report did offer some positive news for LTE phone users, noting that all four phones tested on both major LTE networks could load a Web page in an average of less than 1 second.

For data downloads and uploads, Metrico said a user's experience on both LTE networks was comparable. Average downloads on AT&T were as high as 17Mbps and on Verizon as high as 14Mbps, while average uploads were as high as 3.8Mbps on AT&T and 3.5Mbps on Verizon.

All four phones tested on both major LTE networks could load a Web page in less than 1 second. (Chart: Metrico)

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