Mobile device management: Getting started

By Todd R. Weiss, Computerworld |  Consumerization of IT, Mobile Device Management

Overall, Carfax's Matthews says, "we tell our employees that it's all one life and you can manage it however you want to do work and your personal stuff. We get a lot more out of employees that way. I think they're happy personally because they don't see this device as tethered to them and they can do other things in between work assignments."

Tips for creating an enterprise MDM strategy

Enterprise IT leaders who have been working to build MDM programs inside their companies offer these ideas for how to get started.

Decide what devices your workers will use, whether they'll be corporate-issued devices or bring-your-own devices that will be supported by the company.

Make sure that whatever devices you choose can handle the level of security that your business requires.

Create and implement strong security and device use policies and be sure to communicate them with employees from the start. Be sure that your devices include remote wiping capabilities and automatic remote alerts that can tell you if unauthorized users are trying to access or hack the devices.

Require and implement mandatory strong passwords to keep them as secure as possible.

Examine how your MDM plan terms will be viewed legally wherever your company does business, from state to state in the U.S. and in other nations, to be sure that you abide by all applicable laws.

Explain to employees which applications will be approved and permissible on employee devices.

Don't be surprised if there is some disgruntlement from some employees when the new MDM strategy is implemented. Make sure to educate, train and, if possible, offer some benefit with the new approach.

Remember that your MDM plan will never be finished, but will need to constantly evolve as new devices and technologies are introduced.

- Todd R. Weiss

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