Samsung Galaxy S III: 8 key features and facts

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The Galaxy S III's 8 megapixel camera with auto focus has some unique features, including a number of shooting modes to help you get the best images possible in specific environments. Modes include Single shot, meant for everyday single images; Burst Shot, which lets you quickly snap up to 20 photos in a row, at a rate of roughly 3 photos per second, to capture action sequences; HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, meant to capture images with lots of depth, shadows and different levels of light; Panorama mode to capture wide-angle panoramas; and Buddy Share, as mentioned in the previous section.

The Galaxy S III camera also offers a set of "Scene Modes" to adjust color, white balance, exposure and more, and give you more control over your images.

Many of these valuable features eliminate the need to buy third-party apps that enable similar functionalities.

5) Samsung's Massive Galaxy S III Marketing Push

Samsung is putting a lot of time and effort into marketing the Galaxy S III. In fact, it's the largest North American campaign ever for the electronics maker.

The company filmed a number of Galaxy-S-III-specific TV spots, in which two geeky-looking 20-somethings rain praise on the new device. Samsung's planning a huge campaign related to the 2012 Olympics in London, though it didn't provide any specific details. It's launching an interactive Galaxy-S-III-themed game in movie theatres across the United States that film viewers can play before their movies start. It's making a $1.5 million donation to the World Wildlife Foundation in the name of the Galaxy S III.

Samsung will also launch a program called "Share to Go" in some of its largest markets that will make use of posters in high-traffic areas and venues. Each poster will feature a code that can be scanned by Galaxy S III users to obtain free content, including music downloads from popular artists.

And those are just the initiatives the company decided to announce.

6) Galaxy S III "TecTiles" and Piles of Additional Accessories

Along with the Galaxy S III handheld, Samsung is releasing device specific accessories.

The company will sell packs of NFC-enabled stickers, called "TecTiles," that users can place all around their homes, offices or cars to automate common tasks. For example, a Galaxy S III owner could program a TecTile to automatically turn on Bluetooth when touched up with a Galaxy S III device and then stick that TecTile to their car's dashboard to quickly activate Bluetooth whenever they get in the car. Or a TecTile could be programmed to activate the Galaxy S III alarm and then stuck to a bedside tablet or nightstand to automatically turn on the alarm when a user gets in bed. TecTiles will be sold in packs of five for $15, or roughly $3 per sticker.

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