How many gigabytes in a a zettabyte and why you need to know

Because if you can't handle zettabytes, what will you do with yotta- xona- and vundabytes?


The pull-down boxes on the main site only list measurement units up through petabyte, but the ConvertUnits home page is a kind of catchall that lets you plug in any two of the metric, date, salary, molecular weight and storage-space measurement units the site supports and it will do the conversion for you.

    Translating whatever-bytes to usable measures:

  • Here is zettabyte to exabyte, for example.
  • And exabyte to terabyte;
  • Zettabyte to terabyte;
  • Zettabyte to gigabyte;
  • Zettabyte to kilobyte (for those who love really long numbers);
  • And for those who want to measure the amount of storage in their future:

  • Yottabyte to terabyte.
  • For the record, there are more measurement units floating around the computer industry than are officially accepted as units of scientific notation within the International System of Units (SI).

    ConvertUnits can handle anything that shows up under standard lists of prefixes for "binary powers of 10," from which most of the metric prefixes were culled.

    Unfortunately most of the measurement references only go up to vundabytes, which is terribly restrictive.

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