The Week in iOS accessories: making movies

By Joel Mathis, Macworld |  Consumerization of IT, iOS Accessories

This weeks roundup of iOS accessories features several add-ons for making great-looking movies, as well as new offerings to help you listen to music and draw pretty pictures.

Eco-iP4: Accessories for the iPhone dont have to be complicated technological marvelssometimes theyre as simple as a well-folded piece of cardboard. Thats the idea behind the Eco-iP4, a small stand for the iPhone 4 and 4S that displays your device at a reclining 45-degree angle. The business model here is slightly unusual: Make a donation via PayPalno specific fee is mentionedand the developer will send you a PDF of instructions on how to make the stand, using either A4 or American Leather cardboard.

GoSmart: There are two lines of $25 styluses on the way from GoSmart: the 300 Series and the 200 Series. The 300 Series looks like a rocket ship in your hand (and also includes magnets for attaching to metal surfaces), while the 200 Series looks more like a traditional pen. Each is designed for precision use and comes with Teflon-coated metal tips that glide easily across the screen of your iPhone or iPad without leaving scratches behind. Both models are available for pre-order, but dont ship until Aug. 8.

iStabilizer: The $60 Dolly helps users shoot professional-looking video on the iPhonejust mount your phone on the device, which includes four inline-skate-style wheels for rolling across flat surfaces to create smooth tracking shots. The Dolly can be used with most phones and small cameras weighing up to 12.3 ounces. The device itself is small and lightweight, tipping the scales at just 1.3 pounds.

Klipsch: Klipschs new $100 Image S4i Rugged Headphones are made to take a beating, using rubber moldings for all-weather usability and extreme weather conditions. The inline remote is also extra-large so you can control calls and music even when youre wearing gloves. And the S4i comes in four colors: yellow, orange, blue, or redbright hues that will make it more difficult to lose.

Optrix: The $99 Optrix XD Sport transforms your iPhone into an action sports camera. The waterproof case includes a lens that shows action across a 175-degree range of view, which Optrix says makes the device perfect for shooting extreme sports such as mountain biking, skiing, and motocross. The case comes with a mount, letting users fasten it into place and shoot pictures and videos of themselves in action.

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