7 days with a Windows 8 tablet: Not quite the best of both worlds

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Day 5+6 – Loving Metro

The Metro interface is a work of art. Simple as that. And while some of the built-in Microsoft apps don't look as good or work as well, many of the third-party apps do (check my 15 best Windows 8 apps to get you started article). What really struck me was how beautiful Windows 8 Release Preview works on a tablet:

Previews: This is where Windows 8 shines when compared to the iPad. Instead of clicking on labeled icons that are layed out on a grid to get the information you want, you just glance at the Start screen and get the most recent/important information right there.

Multitasking: Even if you have to go in and out of an app, switching between these apps involves just a quick swipe from the left side. That's it. Switching between apps is almost painful on iOS and Android devices.

Categories: While the iOS approach (putting apps in folders) is good, it still requires a bit of fiddling and is often confusing. Windows 8, however, allows you to set categories for your new Metro-style apps and Windows applications:

Side-by-Side: Yet another feature I wholeheartedly miss on the iPad is a split view that lets me, for example, look at pictures or watch a video while chatting with friends over Live Messenger. Windows 8 solved this beautifully:

Even as an iPad lover, I can safely say that the Windows 8 UI feels much smoother and more modern. The iPad's clunky multitasking and icon grid view seems like a relic of the past.

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