The best remote-control car chase ever

Watch out for that fruit stand!


I'd highly recommend subscribing to YouTuber freddiew's channel - he/they produce some very entertaining videos for the discerning video watcher.

Case in point: This video, in which they enlisted the help of some of the video game team responsible for the new Need For Speed: Most Wanted game to create a car chase scene right out of the movies. Only in this case, the cars are remote-control (aka R/C) models. As Chief Wiggum once said, "Bake it away, toys…"

Bonus content: If you're in a more gaming mood, check out this trailer for the Need For Speed: Most Wanted game, coming October 30 (which is like Christmas for video gamers, with Assassin's Creed III, Lego Lord of the Rings and now this game).

[Thanks to Ken G. for the link!]

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