Politics vs privacy: Heads they win, tails you lose

If this political season has proven one thing, it's that neither the Obama nor the Romney campaigns give a damn about your personal privacy.


Abine, makers of the Do Not Track Plus browser app, have launched a Web-based calculator that lets you determine exactly how much your vote is worth in real dollars. It’s essentially identical to the Val-You Calculator Abine launched last May about how much you’re worth to Facebook, only the questions and weighting are a bit different.

If you’re a male in a nonswing state who doesn’t spend a lot of time online and votes regularly, your vote may be worth as little as $5, says the luminous and compelling Sarah A. Downey of Abine. If you’re a first-time female voter in a hotly contested state like Ohio with a lot of Facebook friends, you could be worth as much as $50.

“You’re worth more to the campaigns if you’ve never voted before,” says Downey. “To them that means you’re fresh meat and thus easier to influence.”

Meat is right. After the last six months of political news, lies, analysis, debates, fact checks, spinning, and spam, I feel like I’ve been tenderized to a pulp and fed through a grinder.

My only solace: In five days it will all be over. Then we’ll have a blessed four years before we have to do it all over again.

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