8 best cities to find cloud computing jobs

Looking for a new job in the growing cloud computing market? Open to a change of scenery? Get on the road to one of these 8 cities where cloud jobs are hottest.

By Rich Hein, CIO |  IT Management, cloud computing, cloud jobs

The rise of cloud computing has companies looking for specific talent. CIO.com spoke with Jack Cullen, president of Modis, a national IT recruiting firm, to find out where the demand is in cloud computing and what major factors are driving that growth. Modis measures the demand for cloud computing jobs based on demand from its clients.

"This new environment of outsourced infrastructure, outsourced data warehousing started as a simple concept--let's move it from your environment to ours--but now it's creating more complex roles," says Cullen. As that complexity builds companies need individuals who are knowledgeable about their environments from both a business and an IT perspective. Here are the Top 8 cities for cloud careers.

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