8 best cities to find cloud computing jobs

Looking for a new job in the growing cloud computing market? Open to a change of scenery? Get on the road to one of these 8 cities where cloud jobs are hottest.

By Rich Hein, CIO |  IT Management, cloud computing, cloud jobs

2. Seattle, Wash.

Seattle is home to 620,778 people, some of the largest players in the cloud computing scene and really good coffee.Regardless of where you work in IT, Seattle may be the place you've been looking for with an IT unemployment rate of almost zero. "Seattle IT unemployment is the one of the lowest rates in the country," says Cullen. "Many companies [in Seattle] are moving out to the cloud to focus on their core business."

The IT landscape here consists mainly of large enterprise organizations and a vibrant startup community. Companies are searching for a bevy of different employees to fill job titles like software engineer and developer (Java and .NET), cloud architect, security specialists system engineer, program and project manager, and product manager.

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