EMC releases upgrades to its document content management line

Documentum 7.0 is more tightly integrated with VMware

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EMC today announced a series of software upgrades for eight products in its Documentum content management platform and its Captiva document capture software line.

The upgrades, which address cloud-based document management, add mobile access to files.

The upgrades include Documentum 7.0, Documentum xCP 2.0, Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM) 5.1, EMC SourceOne eDiscovery (Kazeon 4.7), Captiva 7.0 and Syncplicity Connector to the Documentum Platform and Documentum xCP. Most of the upgrades deal with managing the applications more easily over virtual interfaces.

Documentum 7.0 is more tightly integrated with VMware's vCenter server virtualization and server management system for easier deployments in a private cloud infrastructure, according to Sean Baird, director of product marketing at EMC's Information Intelligence Group.

Baird said the new GUIs and automation tools will give users of Documentum up to 10 times faster deployments.

"Just consider the time and cost it takes to design, develop, deploy and maintain a [content management system]. Now, you can set up rules to allow a system to be deployed automatically," Baird said. "This is not only for private clouds, but it also helps support EMC on-demand offerings in order for customers to deploy content management solutions using our hosted environment."

In addition, EMC has integrated Documentum with its Syncplicity software.

In March, EMC acquired Syncplicity, a cloud-based file management software vendor. Since then, it has integrated the Syncplicity software with Documentum, allowing users to synchronize content between multiple devices, either by pushing it manually or setting automatic updates.

For example, an insurance claims processor in the field could request case documents from his desktop to his mobile device to help make a decision to approve or decline a claim.

Among the upgrades for the Documentum 7.0 platform is "Information Rights Management v5.1", which includes support for Apple iOS as well as digital rights management for embedded documents.

Additionally, EMC upgraded its Documentum xCP (Accelerated Composition Platform), which helps developers build case management applications or interfaces for mapping process flows that, in turn, help workers collaborate on business decisions.

EMC announced Documentum xCP 2.0, which is now qualified for use with iOS-enabled devices such as the iPad.

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