Cyber Monday sales to reach $2 billion, Adobe says

Adobe's holiday buying forecast for 2012 predicts online purchases to increase, driven largely by mobile devices.

By Caitlin McGarry, PC World |  IT Management, Cyber Monday, ecommerce

Surprisingly, Black Friday's slow spread into Thanksgiving Day and even earlier is expected to have little effect on the day's revenues. Researcher Tamara Gaffney, senior marketing manager of Adobe's Digital Index, says retailers jumping the gun on early Black Friday sales doesn't have a "statistically significant" effect on anticipated sales. A bigger factor, Gaffney adds, will be the shift to mobile purchases, which will affect Cyber Monday sales.

"As mobile devices become more widespread, then we should see that the Cyber Monday impact declines over time and starts to become more spread out," Gaffney says.

When to buy online

If you keep up with the latest gadgets (their release dates and specs as well as prices), you know that Black Friday usually doesn't offer the best deals on devices. Prices this year on the same or comparable products are actually expected to rise compared to deals offered last holiday season.

Gaffney says the best time to buy electronics online is usually later in the holiday shopping season, during the week before Christmas.

So if Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren't the biggest days for deals, what's driving this uptick in spending? Just look at the calendar, says Matt Langie, senior director of product and solutions marketing for Adobe's digital marketing division.

"The holiday shopping season (this year) is comprised of 33 days between Black Friday and Christmas. That's the longest since 2007," Langie says. "That certainly is going to drive some of the numbers."

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