Cisco's wireless chief: Meraki simplifies customers' lives

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Well, I'm not commenting on the [negotiation] proceedings. But Sanjit [Biswas, Meraki CEO and co-founder] and I see the world very similarly. The key point was [the company's realization of], how does Meraki help Cisco evolve in this cloud platform? I think they realized that with Cisco they can make their platform a lot bigger, on a global basis [compared to going it alone with an initial public offering].

How will you preserve these Meraki virtues structurally in Cisco?

Meraki will become a new unit, the Cloud Networking Group, within Cisco. Sanjit is the GM of this new group. The two other co-founders will be vice presidents in that group. That group, and the [existing] Enterprise Wireless Networking Business, report to me. And I report to Rob Soderbery, senior vice president, Cisco Enterprise Networking Group.

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