My (hypothetical) Thanksgiving Scrum board

If I were to organize this year’s Thanksgiving extravaganza using Agile, this is what my task board would look like


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As I wrote earlier this year, Agile isn’t just used for managing software development projects; it can - and is - used for a variety of non-technical projects, including home organization. This came to mind as my wife and I were working on the shopping list for feeding the dozen family members and friends that will be feasting at our house on Thursday. If any home organization project could benefit from the use of Agile, a big Thanksgiving dinner would seem to be it.

Now, mind you, we‘re not actually using Agile to plan Thanksgiving, mainly because you could power a small town on the energy my wife would generate rolling her eyes if I suggested it. But, just for fun (or something), I decided to go through the exercise of writing user stories and putting together a Scrum (task) board to reflect where we’re at as of the time I write this post.

Click here or on the image above to see a larger version of the board. You can how many points I assigned to each story (in the lower right hand corner) and what’s been completed, or is in progress, so far.

Of course, this board only has the user stories as I see them; if I could have persuaded my wife to take part (fat chance), her list might have been different.

Anybody out there use Agile or Scrum or something like that to manage their Thanksgiving dinner? Any user stories I’m missing here? Please chime in with your comments.

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