Best products of 2012: Business and productivity

We select the year's best products for getting work and business done.

By PCWorld Staff, PC World |  Software, kickstarter, Microsoft

Pinterest (online social sharing service)

"Pinning" entered the lexicon in 2012 as Pinterest users built online pinboards to collect, organize, and share everything interesting they found on the Web. The versatility of this serviceyou can also use it for event planning, building shopping lists, and other productivity-related tasksrendered Pinterest (number 67) the fastest-growing website to date.

Scrivener for Windows (word processor/project organizer)

Few writers can brain-dump an entire novel or research proposal straight into a word processor. Scrivener for Windows, a PC version of the popular Mac program and number 60 on our list, helps you organize your ideas and notes. You can switch between corkboard, outline, and continuous-flow "scrivening" views to see how your opus is shaping up.

Intuit QuickBooks Pro (accounting software)

Woe to the small-business owner who doesnt balance the ledger. QuickBooks (number 62) isnt the most powerful software for the task, but its very easy for novices to set up and use. If it doesnt handle a function you need, a third-party add-on probably does.

Damn Small Linux (operating system)

We saw a flurry of new Linux distros in 2012, but DSL is particularly notable because of its size. This operating system will run on older computers that would collapse under the weight of Windows or any other mainstream OS. As such, it can breathe new life into old hardware. And for that reason, we named it number 82 of our top 100 products.

Axis P1344 (IP video camera)

Small-business owners looking for professional-quality video surveillance will appreciate the features Axis delivers with its model P1344 IP camera. Landing at number 83 on this year's list, this model delivers precision optics, true HDTV resolution, and h.264 video encoding. And with power-over-ethernet support, youll need just one low-voltage cable to set it up.

Stardock Multiplicity 2.0 (multisystem-control software)

Software doing the work of hardware almost never satisfies, but here's an exception: The free version of Multiplicity 2.0 lets you control two computers using a single mouse and keyboard every bit as effectively as an expensive USB keyboard/mouse switch. Spring for the paid version ($40), and you can control up to nine computers. Number 84 on this year's list.

Sanebox (email filtering service)

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