The geek mystique: 10 leading women in tech

These leaders didn't just rely on business acumen to climb the corporate ranks -- they also have serious tech chops

By Ted Samson, InfoWorld |  IT Management, slideshow, women in IT

Julie Larson-Green

With the departure of Windows Live President Steven Sinofsky earlier this month, Julie Larson-Green landed the lead role of Windows software and hardware engineering. She holds two degrees: a master's in software engineering from Seattle University and a bachelor's degree in business administration from Western Washington University.

She's put her software engineering skills to good use during her 20-year tenure at Microsoft, starting off as a program manager for Visual C++. She has since worked on such products as the early versions of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office, contributing significantly to improving the products' respective user experiences. For Windows 7 and Windows 8, she was responsible for program management, UI design and research, and development for international releases.

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