Internet 2012: Naughty or nice?

Here are our picks for the organizations and individuals who've done the most to earn our thanks this year -- and those who deserve to get a lump of coal in their stockings.


naughty or nice

Santa brings out the best in everyone.

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It's time once again for the fat man to reward the good and punish the wicked this year -- and I'm not talking about Kim Dotcom. Who’s been naughty and who’s been nice in the world of the InterWebs?

Since this is the holidays, we'll start with a nice one first.

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Nice: The Obama administration’s proposed Consumer Bill of Rights. While not everything it could be, the proposal lays the essential cornerstones of consumer privacy by declaring that individuals, and not corporations, have the right to control the data companies collect about them and how it is used.

Naughty: The scandal that took down David Petraeus started with B-league Kardashian Jill Kelley complaining to an FBI buddy about harrassing emails from Petraeus’s comrade in arms (so to speak) Paula Broadwell. Starting with a pseudonymous Yahoo mail address, the feds then traced the email string back to the highest levels of government – showing just how much damage one determined FBI agent can cause, without any actual crimes being committed.

Nice: Microsoft drawing a line in the privacy sand and announcing that IE 10 would ship with Do Not Track set as the default.

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