The weirdest, wackiest and coolest sci/tech stories of 2012

From Google Android development to crazy iPhone stunts, it’s been a busy year

By Michael Cooney, Network World |  IT Management, Google, iPhone

Stupidity, criminals and smartphones are a bad combination. wrote in December that Wilmer Velasquez was arraigned on a charge of armed robbery after he allegedly stole a 15-year-old teen's phone at knifepoint. Prosecutors say his victim was playing with her younger brother in an East Boston playground when one suspect drew a knife and told her in Spanish to hand over everything she had including the victim's myTouch. The victim reported the theft to T-Mobile and ultimately got a replacement phone. When she did, she found that the same male who robbed her of her cell phone had used it – apparently accidentally – to post photos of himself to her Facebook account. Within a day, Velasquez was busted.

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