The weirdest, wackiest and coolest sci/tech stories of 2012

From Google Android development to crazy iPhone stunts, it’s been a busy year

By Michael Cooney, Network World |  IT Management, Google, iPhone

Yet another weird robot. According to this PC World story, the Gestural Interactive Robot (G.I.A.) follows you around in order to engage you, and records your facial expressions. G.I.A. by Daniel Jay Bertner is a stationary sculpture, and is actually mounted to a wall. It can move, though, thanks to three arms controlled by servomotors. G.I.A. interacts with people and its surroundings via a webcam. Facial recognition software then maps out the person's face, and works out how they are feeling. The large orb-like object on the front is a projector, which displays your face and the emotion conveyed.

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