The essential mobile toolkit for road warriors

What you should always carry in your briefcase or backpack -- or on your mobile device itself

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Specialty mobile hardware

People in certain professions can take advantage of specialty hardware for their work. iOS devices have the widest range of such options.

For example, the Square Credit Card Reader lets retailers take card payments almost anywhere, from farmers markets to concerts. And the Epson Mobilink P60 lets retailers print receipts via Bluetooth.

There's a wide range of iPad add-ons for musicians, from 1K Muktimedia's iRig MIDI connector to K&M's iPad holder for music stands. Ben Harvell's "Make Music with Your iPad" book tours the options.

Physicians and nurses might want AliveCor’s Heart Monitor (which transmits its readings to an iPhone), the Withings blood pressure monitor, or the AgaMatrix glucose monitor.

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