Best tech colleges are harder than ever to get in

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Caltech offers a non-binding early action admissions program, meaning that students don't have to attend Caltech if accepted. Caltech's total applicant pool is nearing 6,000 this year, which is 8% larger than last year. Caltech's early applications represent a 17% increase over last year's record-breaking early applicant pool.

4. Harvard

--Applied: 4,856

--Accepted: 895

--Acceptance Rate: 18%

Harvard offers a single choice, early action admissions program, which is non-binding for students who are accepted. Harvard's early applications are up 14% from last year.

5. Princeton University

--Applied: 3,810

--Accepted: 697

--Acceptance Rate: 18%

Princeton offers a single choice, early action admissions program. Princeton's early applications are up 10% from last year.

6. Columbia University

--Applied: 4,273

--Accepted: 631

--Acceptance Rate: 14%

Columbia offers a binding early decision admissions program, meaning that early applicants commit to attending Columbia. Columbia's early decision applications rose 1% this year. Columbia deferred 554 applications to the regular admissions pool.

7. Carnegie-Mellon University

--Applied: 1,064

--Accepted: 246

--Acceptance Rate: 23%

Carnegie Mellon has two rounds of binding early decision admissions: the first group was notified Dec. 15 and the second group will be notified on Jan. 15. Carnegie Mellon's early applications are up 12% from last year, when the comparable acceptance rate was 34%.

8. Georgia Institute of Technology

--Applied: 9,000

--Accepted: 4,950

--Acceptance Rate: 55%

Georgia Tech has a non-binding early action admissions program. The number of early applications received by Georgia Tech is up 6% from last year. Georgia Tech deferred 21% of applicants to the regular admissions decision round.

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