What is content marketing, and why does your business need it?

By James A. Martin, CIO |  IT Management, content marketing, Marketing

  • Use social media to syndicate your content. "When you develop high-quality content and share it through social channels, others interested in the topic will likely connect with you," Fasser says. "That's super important, because the more you can grow your social networks, the bigger the potential audience you'll have for new content."
  • Establish benchmarks as you begin a content marketing program. That way you'll know if the efforts are paying off down the road. Among the things to track are the number of new visitors to your site from a particular piece of content, the number of page views and leads generated from that content and how often the content has been liked or shared on social media, Fasser says.
  • When brainstorming content, get people from across departments together in a room and get a dialogue going, Kuenn says. Find out what questions customers ask them the most. "You can generate a lot of good content ideas this way."
  • Look for more ideas at Q&A sites such as Quora and Answers.com as well as relevant LinkedIn groups, Kuenn adds. Do keyword searches on phrases relevant to your business and see what questions people are posting-and you can answer those questions with your own content.

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