Dell, Intel and Chinese venture firm back OpenStack consultancy Mirantis for $10M

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Cloud Computing, Dell, Intel

Two big names in the OpenStack movement -- Dell and Intel -- have thrown money behind a consultancy that has carved a niche out helping users deploy the open source cloud platform.

Mirantis today announced $10 million worth of funding from the two tech giants, along with West Summit Capital, a technology venture firm with roots in China, where the OpenStack project has a strong following.

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The news that Dell is backing Mirantis is perhaps the most interesting, though. Despite being one of the earliest backers of the project, a VP with the company recently announced that the company's OpenStack-powered public cloud may not be launched until the end of 2013, citing an immaturity of the project's code.

Mirantis officials say their experience deploying OpenStack projects for customers including PayPal, AT&T, HP and WebEx is valuable to Dell in deploying its public cloud. In addition to IP that Mirantis will provide Dell, the two companies will also have a joint go-to-market strategy where the companies will refer customers to each other. Mirantis officials emphasized it is a non-exclusive agreement, though, and that its consultants would still recommend whatever the best hardware option is for customers. Dell also has somewhat of a competing product with Mirantis in Crowbar -- an installer tool for open source cloud components.

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