Dell promises to focus on enterprise after buyout

Company executives insist that Dell will redouble its enterprise efforts as analysts predict a possible end to its consumer business.

By Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld |  IT Management, Dell, insider

There are still many unknowns about how going private will affect Dell and its customers, but company executives insist that the computer vendor will continue to pursue its latest enterprise strategy no matter what.

Earlier this month, Dell founder Michael Dell teamed up with investment firm Silver Lake on a plan to buy the world's third-largest PC maker from shareholders for about $24.4 billion. With some shareholders voicing opposition to the offer, the terms of the leveraged buyout could change but analysts nonetheless expect the deal to close.

In recent years, Dell has been trying to transform itself from a low-margin PC vendor to an enterprise IT systems provider offering servers, storage, networking, software and services. Since 2007, Dell has acquired 25 companies to beef up its enterprise product portfolio, but it has so far had trouble bundling its new assets into a cohesive product strategy.

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