Unemployed IT vets say job offers go to cheaper labor

Tech pros with 15-plus years of experience say they're getting bypassed in the job market as employers hire foreigners and young people.

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Tech companies have long called on Congress to ease restrictions on high-skill immigration, arguing that qualified tech workers are in short supply in the U.S. But veteran IT professionals who say they can't find jobs question that analysis of the labor market.

More than a dozen longtime IT workers, contacted through the Programmers Guild and high-skill immigration critic Norm Matloff, computer science professor at the University of California, Davis, said a glut of low-paid H-1B visa holders and recent graduates is keeping them unemployed or underemployed.

A recent study from left-leaning think tank Economic Policy Institute seems to back up such claims, finding that even though "there is a robust supply of domestic workers available for the IT industry," guest workers "make up a large and increasing portion of the IT labor market."

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