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UPDATE: The survey has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.


How can we improve ITworld? Share your opinion and you could win $250.

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Once a year we ask you, the users of, how we're doing and what we can do to improve this site. We invite you to share your opinions in this short survey -- it should take no more than 10 minutes. Results are confidential and will be used to help us deliver the online content and services most useful to you.

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As a thank-you for participating in this survey, you may enter a sweepstakes to win one of two $250 cash prizes*! In addition, upon completion of the survey, you can access PDFs of free research highlights from our Big Data and Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise surveys.

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*The sweepstakes is open to U.S. and most Canadian residents; however we welcome answers from all regions, regardless of geography! For complete sweepstakes rules, click here.

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