Is freelancing hurting your job chances?

Research shows self-employed land fewer interviews than corporate peers.

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New research from a two-year project finds that self-employed applicants landed far fewer interviews than those who worked for a corporation.

Researchers from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the University of Vienna and the Munich School of Management submitted fake resumes to real job openings.

The fake candidates had nearly identical experience, save for the fact some were self-employed and others already worked in a corporate environment.

“Overall, the self-employed candidate received 63% fewer positive responses such as requests for salary expectations than the candidate with the corporate job," writes the Wall Street Journal. "The researchers suggest that corporate employers, not surprisingly, prefer candidates with a similar corporate employment history, because larger firms may require different social skills than an entrepreneurial venture might."

“Having previously been self-employed is in itself a negative signal on the job market,” the researchers write. “The choice to become an entrepreneur can result in an involuntary lock-in, a factor that should be taken into account in planning one’s future career."

via The Wall Street Journal

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