Attack of the sexy Facebook spammers

Facebook's sponsored ads have been overrun by a bevy of babes -- who are really Turkish spam artisans in disguise.


Last week, regular readers of TY4NS will recall that, for reasons that remain a mystery, my LinkedIn account was invaded by the country of Latvia. Today I am here to report that my Facebook account has also been overrun. However, this time the invading hordes are not citizens of a small but plucky Baltic nation but something else entirely.

I’ve been invaded by babes.

More specifically, my Facebook feed today has been festooned with sponsored ads featuring PG-13 rated photos of fit young women in various shades of undress. There are many examples, but here are three that kept popping up repeatedly.

Ironically, these showed up next to a discussion by Elle Magazine advice columnist E. Jean Carroll about how to treat women with respect. You can fill in your own joke here.

These ads in turn led to various Facebook pages created to promote Web sites with names like  Excellent Girls, Good Girls, Nice Girl Selector, Miss Instagram, and so on. Those pages feature the same Google Adsense ads for “Hot Ladies available for online chat now,” “Meet singles in [insert name of city here]” and the occasional security software package that may or may not be malware in disguise.

Sure, everyone sees these kinds of ads from time to time on Facebook (well, I assume everyone does – I certainly do). But today the flow of hotties has been nonstop, with the exception of an occasional ad promoting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

No, I don’t know how to interpret that either.

Here’s the thing. All of these sites – and I assume dozens or hundreds of others – are more or less identical, they’re all registered to some fictional name (like “Fred Stonecrawler”) in Istanbul, Turkey, and appear to be hosted by the same company.

For example, here’s the home page for Nice Girl Selector:

And here’s its sister site, Miss Instagram:

You gotta hand it to old Fred, he's not one to let a good Web template go to waste.

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