Make your commute work for you

How to spend less time in the office by working on your way there

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A long commute is a necessary evil for the majority of professionals today, but you can use it to your advantage.

Fast Track recently shared 7 ways you can leverage your travel time so you can spend less time in the office - and clean off your desk.

1. Go tunes-free
Instead of wacky morning DJs or your favorite playlist, listen to a podcast, Webinar, book, course or anything related to your industry that will enhance your skills and knowledge.

2. No newspapers
Pack only trade publications and you'll be forced to read them. You'll clean off your desk, too.

3. Schedule conference calls
If you're driving - or in any mode of transportation that allows them - use the time to return calls or hold virtual meetings.

4. Tackle paperwork
Your desk will love you for it. Train time is perfect to sort through paper clutter and determine what's valuable and what's trash.

5. Find a friend
Find a mentor or colleague on your train - or arrange a carpool - and share your commute at least once a week.

6. Update
Update your devices. The move will free them up for later, when you need them most.

7. Find the golden seat at the gate
If you're traveling by air, get to the gate early and find seats near an outlet. Everyone will eye you enviously as you plug in, charge and get stuff done - all without draining your battery.

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