Federal CIOs Face BYOD, Mobile App Security Challenges

By Kenneth Corbin, CIO |  IT Management

"Car wash is meant for government, [in this case] government-developed apps," Suder says. "They were talking about using it while you're developing your app, so you don't go down the road that's too far down your mobile development, and then next you know you gotta totally rewrite the code. So I think they're meaning it to be more of a collaborative type of thing and it's just a tool that you run your code through so you don't get stuck at the end and have to redo all your code. So I think car wash isn't meant to fix it. Car wash is meant to identify where the issues are and what you've got to fix."

As DHS polishes the program, car wash could become available to other agencies later this year, the department has signaled. That repeatable security test environment, which could grant a seal of approval recognized across the government, could emulate the FedRAMP cloud-computing framework for mobile applications.

Kenneth Corbin is a Washington, D.C.-based writer who covers government and regulatory issues for CIO.com.

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