Hiring managers urge: Use LinkedIn

If you're not on LinkedIn, hiring managers say you're missing out.

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LinkedIn is the destination for savvy job seekers and hiring managers say there's a good reason for that:

If you’re not contacting them on LinkedIn, you’re missing an opportunity to stand out.

“I think most people aren’t using LinkedIn enough,” hiring manager Jeffrey DeLucia tells Brazen Life. “I recruit 90% of my candidates on LinkedIn.”

“If someone contacts me on LinkedIn, I can help them with the application process,” adds Caroline Girone, an HR specialist for the Department of the Navy.

Taking advantage of LinkedIn is one of four facts hiring mangers want you to know about the application process, according to careers expert and author Reggie Hall Jr.:

Your application is a process
Timelines and progress vary from company to company, industry to industry. Understand that.

Be genuinely interested in our company, and we’ll be genuinely interested in you
“Ask us about differences you noticed between us and our competitors. It shows you took the time and effort to research," DeLucia says. "Specifically for me, since I interview for sales positions, I like to see assertiveness for this particular role. We want to see someone who wants to be here.”

We understand the hiring process is hard on you
You don't know where your resume is, where the company is in the screening process and when - or if - you will land an interview. Hiring managers know you are anxious, they want you to accept that's part of the experience.

"I encourage folks to try to look at the uncertainty as part of the process, as opposed to letting yourself get anxious about it. I think, specifically, the hardest thing for candidates to grasp is how organizations and HR view the ability to get work done," adds Paul Smith, HR director at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

via Brazen Life

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