IT Resume Makeover: How to showcase your strengths

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Micahel S. Smith is a 13-year IT management veteran who's done some amazing things in a short amount of time. From an early point in his career he's taken on major projects and crushed them, resulting in a relatively quick rise into IT leadership.

Smith is currently senior manager of IT Infrastructure with a major technology company, but he's always eager to solve the next problem and he has been feeling stagnant in this position and has been looking for a change.

The IT Job Search Blues

"I have been looking to advance my career, but feel like my resume was holding me back from getting that first interview," says Smith. He had used his network and social media, but he wasn't getting the kind of offers he expected.

"It was dismal to say the least. I've been gradually searching LinkedIn and Monster for jobs that fit my experience. I received call backs for some temp positions, but nothing longer term. I feel like my resume was looked over but put in the pile as a contender," says Smith .

He suspected his resume wasn't doing him any favors. "The biggest problem was my old resume did not describe all that I have done in my career. I feel the accomplishments were scattered across the resume and not organized to highlight my abilities," says Smith.

Resume Writer and Career Coach Laura Smith-Proulx

Laura Smith-Proulx is also a veteran in her field. She's worked with countless executives to help them find the roles they desire, and she's won plenty of awards and accolades along the way. She saw that Smith was in need of some help and decided to offer her services and be a part of CIO's IT Resume Makeover.

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