Tech job growth outpacing all other occupations

Developer, data scientist jobs skyrocket

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Job-matching service The Ladders says tech job growth is outpacing all other occupations, with the titles of "developer" and "analyst" leading the way.

The site has evaluated job postings for 600 titles over the past five years and concludes that four of the Top 10 most-posted jobs have "developer" in the title.

The Top 4:

  • iOS Developer
  • UI Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Business Intelligence Developer

The site notes that in the past year, each of these job titles was posted at least 15 times more often than they were 5 years ago. Also, iOS Developer and Android Developer were nearly unheard of five years ago.

Another job title that has rocketed from obscurity to prominence is Data Scientist.

While different varities of analyst jobs (Web Analyst, Financial Analyst, etc.) saw substantial growth, “Data Scientist” is the fastest-growing title in the analytics field, the site reports.

Job titles that are on the declining include those with "manager" or "director" in them.

"In fact, titles containing the word 'manager' are 25% lower, and titles containing 'director' are 50% lower than the national average growth rate," TheLadders reports. "What’s more, as we look at the top 10% of growing jobs, very little (less than 2%) of these titles contain 'manager' or 'director.'"

via The Ladders

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