Your resume: Deciding what makes the cut

Three questions give you a clear answer

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When it comes to your resume, unless you're just out of college, chances are good you've got more experience than room.

Determining what skills and experience to highlight and which to remove is the most important decision you will make when crafting your resume for a particular job. If a screener sees a sea of bullet points and realizes even some are not applicable, you've cost yourself a chance to advance.

Career Coach Heath Krasna has a series of great guidelines for determining which of your bullets make the cut.

For instance: If you're prepping your resume for a federal job or an academic CV, keep everything. How simple is that?

However, if you're angling for a job in the private sector, Krasna has three questions for you to answer:

1. Is it relevant to the target job? You can find out if the skill or experience is by reading 5 to 10 job descriptions.

2. Is it redundant with another bullet point?

3. Have you achieved something similar at a higher level?

Click below to see Krasna's questions laid out in a cool flowchart that would be very helpful to reference the next time you tweak your resume.


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