The most critical time at a new job: 3 months in

Questions to ask during your first 90 days to ensure your best start

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DiceTV's Cat Miller says your first three months on the job will establish your reputation for the rest of your career at that company.

"Now that the 'nailed it' interview part is over, it’s time for the 'put my money where my mouth is' working part," she says. "Proving your worth during those first 90 days is critical to how you’re viewed as an employee from there on out."

Miller says it's imperative you deliver on all the promises you made on your resume. She advocates keeping these questions top of mind during your first 90 days.

  • Are you living up to the expectations you established in your interview?
  • Does your work reflect the finely tuned skills you claim to have?
  • Are they seeing evidence of your training and experience?
  • Are you really a “fast learner” and are you doing everything you can to bring yourself up to speed?

Miller also encourages new hires to actively seek feedback, not only from management but also from peers.

"Follow up supervisors after you’ve turned something in and ask for their feedback on your performance," she says. "Seek out help or advice from more experienced team members and apply that to your own job. Demonstrate that you’re learning all you can, that you’re applying your own skills and initiative, and you’re actively seeking feedback."

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