How to easily explain your value to future employers

Simple questions that will unearth your value and greatly improve your resume

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It's the bottom line of every eye-catching, job-landing resume: explaining how you and your skills added value to current and former employers.

But in some cases, that is much easier said than done. It's not always easy to quickly quantify your value to an employer, and you can spend frustrating hours racking your brains to figure it out.

Say, for example, you're a network engineer and your resume includes the following:

Network Engineer: Designed and maintained network for midsize corporation, maximizing network performance and optimization.


Lucky for us, career expert Rich Grant has a series of questions you can answer that will help you create more bullet points that accurately detail your value:

  • Tell me more about being a network engineer.
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What results do you think you’ve had an impact on?
  • What has management complimented you on?
  • Tell me about the suggestions for improvement you’ve made to management.
  • What contributions did you make to sales, cost reduction, process improvement or employee satisfaction?

Take a spin through the current version of your resume (or blow the dust off it first) and apply those questions to your previous jobs. Flesh out an under-valued job descriptions and, Grant says, use some solid action verbs while you're at it: expand, reorganize, increase, manage, and resolve are winners.

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