How to get the most out of LinkedIn Groups

Ways to expand your network and find job opportunities

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There are a couple of places where jobs are hiding in plain sight on LinkedIn, one being in its Groups.

But to access a Group's Jobs tab, you need to be a member. Resume and career expert Jenny Foss tells The Daily Muse that LinkedIn Groups are not only a hidden source of job listings, but also an effective, easy way to grow your network.

Getting the most out of a Group is truly a case of "you get what you give." If you sit back and lurk, you will get little out of the group, except for information. However, if you add value, sharing your experience and opinions, you'll harvest much more.

"If you’re going to join the room, don’t just stand there hoping no one will notice you, for cryin’ out loud—jump in," Foss advises. "Take a spin through the conversations and posts in the discussion threads. See any that are interesting, or to which you could add some value or insight? That’s your cue to jump in and share your expertise."

The benefit of active participation is you will be seen as "as someone who is passionate, knowledgeable, and engaged in your field," Foss notes.

If you're shy about sharing your opinion, share news. Post links to relevant news and analysis - your fellow Group members will appreciate your generosity and you'll be viewed as someone who's well-read and on top of new developments, not just someone out to mine contacts and hunt jobs.

One caveat: "Just be mindful of the specific rules and spirit of any given group (e.g., does the Group love debating controversial issues, or is it more of a feel-good party?), and post thoughtfully," Foss advises.

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