LinkedIn connections: Can you have too many?

Plus, three words to avoid in your profile

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The idea of 500+ LinkedIn connections sounds impressive, but it may not convey the message you want to peers and potential clients or employers.

"Five-hundred-plus connections doesn’t necessarily impress people—especially if you look like you’re blindly chasing connections," notes Forbes' Rob Asghar.

"If I don't know you, don’t just send me the generic 'I’d like to connect with you' message," one marketing executive in Silicon Valley told Asghar. "Say why you are trying to connect with me. Just a simple, custom sentence or two. I always decline random people who use the generic message."

On the other hand, too few connections sends an altogether different vibe. Asghar advises getting to triple digits "as quickly as is reasonably possible." It’s a case of quality, not necessarily eye-popping quantity.

Another valuable piece of profile advice: Don't brag.

"A profile headline in which they call themselves a 'guru' or 'visionary' is a negative," notes Derek Lazzaro, a tech lawyer in Los Angeles. "It seems arrogant and it’s not really descriptive."

Media strategist Jeremy Pepper adds: "There are no gurus, there are no visionaries, and we’re rarely in a paradigm shift."

Click below for more solid advice on profile dos and don'ts that make a difference.

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