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Get innovative with Nolan Bushnell & Tom Davenport! Join us tomorrow for the SAP IT Transformation Forum



    Can you believe we are only a few hours away from the SAP IT Transformation Forum opening?! Join us in an exclusive live virtual event featuring two amazing video keynote speakers--Nolan Bushnell and Tom Davenport. Nolan will inspire you to harness creativity and innovation while Tom will show you how big data, analytics and mobility are reshaping our organizations. And you can access it from the comfort of your office (all you need is a network connection!). Don't forget to visit the Resource Center where you will find on-demand content such as webcasts, videos, papers and research around your favorite IT topics.
    1:00 pm ET: Nolan Bushnell--The Future of Big Data & Managing Creativity in a Changing World
    1:45 pm ET: Tom Davenport--Big Data @ Work: Analytics 3.0
    2:30 pm ET: IT Transformation Panel featuring Nolan Bushnell & Tom Davenport
    3:00 pm ET: Online Chats with Nolan & Tom in the Networking Lounge
    3:30 pm ET: Event Concludes

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