How a CIO navigated the task of creating two big companies from one

Robert Logan, CIO of Leidos, discusses how his team balanced the difficult preparations for creating two publicly held companies.

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Many CIOs have wrestled with stitching together an integrated technology platform after a corporate merger. But Robert Logan, CIO of Leidos, faced an altogether different scenario: creating the platforms, data and applications needed for two big companies born from the splitting of an even bigger company. Logan's company was born from SAIC, a major government contractor that bifurcated in August 2013 into Leidos and a smaller SAIC -- a strategic move driven by changes in the federal services marketplace.

In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CIO Interview Series, Logan spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how SAIC's earlier efforts to build a massive private cloud environment eased the split, as well as how his team balanced the difficult preparations for creating two publicly held companies while at the same time providing services to a multibillion-dollar corporation. He talked about lessons learned and where he's taking IT for Leidos in the future.

Logan is a member of the CIO Executive Council -- IDG's peer-based global community of leading CIOs. For more information on the council, click here.

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