VMware CIO: IT that's easy is more important than bells and whistles

Even at VMware, users vote for IT that is simple, even if it's missing a few features


Making things simpler for end users usually means using technology that's more complex (and expensive) than before and being more attuned to the specific needs of a business unit, to the extent the IT people working with it are considered part of the business unit, not part of IT.

For end users, too much awareness of either technology or technologists equals friction.

"As an IT professional, my job has changed; my responsibility is to get services out to the business units," Eagan said. "The monopoly of IT over technology is over. It's out there; if I say 'no,' they can go find that resource outside. There are a lot of things we can do that we couldn't do in the past, and it's up to us to deliver those things that make the business more effective."

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