Beware of Skype voice spam

Malware authors are using fake Skype profiles and robo-calls to drive you to infectious Web sites. It's time for Skype to clean up its security act.


What’s troubling me is that it’s unclear what Skype is doing to stop this problem. I reported several of these numbers as abusive two days ago. Yet when I search today there are more of them, not less.

Skype support is notoriously hard to contact – a problem, I think, for a service that charges actual money – and that is something that needs to change. Paying customers (like me) deserve actual support, not FAQs and a “feedback” option.

I find it ironic this happened two weeks after Microsoft announced its intention to buy Skype. I doubt those two things are related. I would not be surprised if the attack were related to Skype’s log-in snafus last week, however.

Skype security – or lack thereof – is now yet another thing we need to worry about. Let’s hope voice spam doesn’t turn into the next malware epidemic.

When not bitching about Skype's lack of support, TY4NS blogger Dan Tynan tends his eHumor empire eSarcasm. Follow him on Twitter: @tynan_on_tech.

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