Wanted: Privacy policies written for human beings

The biggest problem with online privacy is that nobody understands it. Poorly written privacy policies are a big reason why. UPDATE: StickK responds.


We (and other responsible companies) take privacy issues very seriously and as a result we try to do all that we can to make our privacy policy as clear and as comprehensive as possible. In that vein we work with TRUSTe, the leading and most trusted privacy policy certification service on the web, to ensure compliance with standards and practices in the area; our privacy policy proudly displays the TRUSTe certification seal. Moreover, we have included our contact information right in our privacy policy—because we stand ready to answer and explain any question a user might have about how their information is retained and used.

But in short, and to be clear, stickK takes privacy issues very seriously and has not had a user issue to date.

ITworld TY4NS blogger Dan Tynan writes privacy policies while he sleeps -- which may be why he always wakes up with a migraine. Visit his eHumor site eSarcasm or follow him on Twitter: @tynan_on_tech.

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