9 gigantic bonuses that make yours look like chump change

Seven-figure cash bonuses sweeten tech CEOs' pay packages

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Who: Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown 

Bonus amount: $5.9 million

Total 2010 compensation: $13.7 million

Company performance: Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown and Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha oversaw Motorola's split into two separate companies, which was finalized in January of this year.

Justification for bonus: Brown, who runs the enterprise-focused Motorola Solutions, pocketed a $5.9 million bonus for 2010, far surpassing the $836,931 bonus he earned a year earlier. Motorola said the bigger payouts under its incentive plan are due to improved financial performance, including an increase in net sales and operating earnings (the company's operating earnings rose to $789 million in 2010, compared to an operating loss of $492 million in 2009).

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