Juniper's disappointing quarter not due to switching

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"Juniper is operating in an environment that is becoming increasingly competitive, particularly in the enterprise segment," states Technology Business Research (TBR) analyst Scott Denehy, in a report on Juniper's quarter. "One of Juniper's key enterprise partners, Dell, recently acquired Ethernet switch vendor Force10 Networks, which TBR believes will significantly weaken the partnership and limit Juniper's opportunities going forward."

Johnson says Juniper and Dell are looking to continue their partnership despite the overlap of the Force10 acquisition.

"(It's) more complicated because there's more overlap in the product line," Johnson said during a conference call this week on the Q2 results. "But the fact is that we also have products that go into the solution that are complementary to what Dell would be doing with Force10 and their other products. And it's our intent to continue to focus on how to create a good partnership with Dell built on the foundation that we have established thus far."

In core routing, meanwhile, Juniper said it will realize revenue from the T4000 in the first quarter of 2012, which is when PTX will ship.

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