Samsung says no to buying HP's PC biz

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Now that HP has hung the fire sale signs on their PC business as well as their TouchPad tablets, speculation about the world of HP and Compaq PCs continues. Will HP spin off the division in some sort of financial arrangement with employees and shareholders, or will some other company pony up the billions?

Early word focused on Samsung as the most logical potential buyer. They make a huge number of electronic products, but has a low profile in the PC market. However, they make many products for Apple, who has twisted their partnership into lawsuits over the Galaxy Tab. Could Samsung try to get revenge vie HP's 64 million PCs shipped each year? Since Samsung has announced they want to grow their laptop business, is buying HP's a good way to do that?

That would be tough. HP's PC group does about $40 billion in sales each year, a huge bite that may be too big for any company to buy outright. But speculation is fun, isn't it?

Great idea

By Samsung issuing a statement denying any interest, this means that there will be an announcement next week that they are indeed buying HP's PC business.
psimm01 on

In a way I was hoping that Samsung would go for it to have an albatross around their neck but they're not that dumb. They're not interested in the truck business.
alexkahn2000 on

Samsung buying HP's PC business for WebOS alone would be brilliant. Samsung could dump Android in favor of WebOS to become a viable competitor to the iPad. WebOS is light years ahead of Android in terms of UI design and more elegant than the iPad in many respects. Samsung could really spin things to its favor here, build up its patent portfolio, and not be subject to Google's whims.
AZREOSpecialist on

I don't think that buying the whole PC business from HP is the right move for Samsung, but if they were able to purchase WebOS outright, it would be a brilliant move. The OS itself is awesome. On quality, appropriately powered hardware from Samsung, it might just have a chance.

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