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Vivek Ranadive

TIBCO CEO: How real-time computing will change the landscape
Vivek Ranadive is not only the chief executive officer of TIBCO Software, Inc., he's a New York Times bestselling author. As you'd expect from such a literary type, this proponent of event-driven computing and herald of Enterprise 3.0 is handy with a well-turned phrase. He describes your relational database as a "phone that doesn't ring" and his description of what happens when you open a certain software package from rival IBM is likely to stick in your mind. Read more.


Bob Flynn

Enterasys CEO: Total cost of ownership sets us apart
How's this for a challenge? The CEO dies suddenly and you're tabbed to take his place -- on the heels of your network infrastructure company entering into a major new strategic partnership and in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Oh, did I mention your competition includes some companies named Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard and Juniper Networks, among others? That's life for Chris Crowell, CEO of Enterasys Networks, who took over in 2009 shortly after predecessor Mike Fabiaschi's untimely death. Read more.


Bob Flynn

The new Novell
Novell, which was acquired by The Attachmate Group in April, wants to regain its status as an IT icon and will try to do so by focusing its efforts on its core assets and rebuilding relationships with its huge installed base. Novell President Bob Flynn and VP of Product Management and Marketing Eric Varness for outline their rebuilding plans. Read more.


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