Tech titans talk: IDG Enterprise executive interview series

In-depth Q&As with the tech industry's top CEOs.

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Andy Ory

Acme Packet: 'We're building a signaling system for the Internet'
Not familiar with the terms "session border controller" or "session delivery network"? Don't worry. Andy Ory, CEO of fast-growing Bedford, Mass.-based Acme Packet, is more than happy to share his passionate vision. Read more.


Paul Maritz

VMware CEO: What we plan for the post-PC era
Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware, sees virtualization as one piece of the platform VMware intends to offer a mobile, cloud-enabled world. Read more.


Attachmate boss on Novell buyout: Great brands, little overlap
IDG Enterprise's Chief Content Officer John Gallant spoke with Attachmate Chairman and CEO Jeff Hawn shortly after the Novell deal was sealed to get his thoughts on what the acquisition means for Attachmate and its new and old customers. Read more.


Steve Daly

LANDesk CEO talks up 'end user in' strategy
LANDesk Software CEO Steve Daly says success in managing and securing your IT environment means managing from the 'end user in,' not from the data center out. Read more.


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