Everything you always wanted to know about Web tracking (but were too paranoid to ask)

Who is tracking you online and what do they want? The answers aren't obvious. Take this True/False quiz to find out how much you really know about Web tracking.


A better idea is to install software that identifies tracking cookies and helps you delete them, such as Evidon's Ghostery browser add-on or even Symantec's Internet Security suite.

True or False: Without web tracking, advertising revenue will dry up and the "free" Internet will disappear.


That's certainly the mantra of the online ad industry. The reality is that only a relatively small percentage of Web ads are targeted, yet the Net advertising industry is looking at record breaking revenues of $30 billion this year and is growing by double digits annually. Remember: The TV, radio, and print publishing industries don't target ads (though they would if they could), and they haven't disappeared -- yet.

However, targeted ads are what many companies are banking on to make ads more efficient. Advertisers live in fear that if users are given the option to choose between tracking and not tracking, they'll pick the latter -- depriving ad networks of the data they need to target ads effectively, and the revenue associated with that.

Also, I don't know about you, but I pay well over a thousand dollars a year for Internet access at home, work, and on mobile devices. So that whole "the Internet will cease to be free" argument kind of irritates me.

True or False: A Do Not Track law will make the Web a safer place to surf.


The fact is, the difference between being tracked and not being tracked will likely be completely invisible to 99 percent of consumers. Nobody really knows what harm online tracking could cause. But as mobile ads take off and location data gets factored into the mix, it raises all kinds of privacy questions -- like whether tracking data can be linked to people's identities, and what other things this data could be used for besides advertising.

The answers to those questions? Your guess is as good as anyone's. Which is why it's so important to talk about the implications of Web tracking now, before it becomes so entrenched it's impossible to avoid.

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